Companies are only truly great
companies are only truly great when they
ethically and ecologically
sustainable business practices.

Whether it’s the CSR reporting obligation, the Supply Chain Act, climate reporting, or the increasing obligation to provide information in the context of tenders and supplier evaluations – the requirements for ecological, social, and economic information are increasing in more and more companies.

Yours too? Then we have the right solution for you! With our award-winning software “CSRmanager” you can independently, easily and efficiently process and evaluate your sustainability data, your audits and also your risk management and report according to international standards!

Insight into the user interface

  • Reporting Frameworks

    The most important reporting standards as well as the templates for your risk management and auditing are already pre-installed.

  • Materiality analysis

    Select the key environmental and sustainability aspects in your company.

  • Charts

    Compile the most important key figures in the dashboard according to your own wishes. Of course also with history!

  • Project Management

    Benefit from our clever Kanban solution to keep an eye on all processes, especially in risk and audit management!

  • Carbon Footprint

    Create your corporate carbon footprint conveniently and comprehensively. For this purpose, all consumption such as electricity, energy and business trips are automatically converted into CO2e.

  • Consolidation

    Consolidate even complex corporate structures and diverse standards with the help of CSRmanager.

In good hands:

Dr. Elmer Lenzen, Managing Director of macondo publishing, has been dealing with sustainability issues since 2002. He is an internationally known expert and, among other things, a member of the GRI Stakeholder Council (SC). This is one of the central advisory bodies of the Global Reporting Initiative. The UN-affiliated organization is the world’s most important standard setter for extra-financial reporting. As Councellor, Elmer Lenzen represents the regions of Europe and Central Asia in the 2017-2019 and 2020- 2022 legislative periods. In this role, Lenzen also represents GRI positions vis-à-vis the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany (IdW) and the German Accounting Standards Committee (DRSC).

Configure your own responsibility management.

CSRmanager is an easy-to-use, intuitive application for CSR reporting. Choose the right solution for your company from the range of expansion options. By the way: The modules can be combined or expanded as desired.

Legal requirements

Technical adjustments

Tips and tricks:
How to prepare your sustainability report correctly

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